Why Fuel Treatment

Why Fuel Treatment?

Up to 80% of repair and maintenance coste for equipment are the result of contaminated fluids an fuels. This is proven by independent studies on hydraulic and lubrication systems.The wear caused by impurities like solid particles, water varnish and the deterioration of the specific properties of the materials cause these avoidable costs. Neat fuels increase the durability of the lubricating oils.This reduces CO² emissions because disposing one liter of oil releases 2.6 kg of Co². Fuel treatment therefore saves purchasing and disposal costs and the enviroment also benefits from it.

  • Microorganisms growth of starts at about 70 ppm free water content
  • Salt is bound in water
  • Water can be abrasive at high pressuer e.g. at injection
  • Microorganisms form mucilaginous substances in fuel and oil that can clogg filters and fuel lines
  • Damages may occur, aggregates may fail
  • Microorganisms and there byproducts cause electrochemical reactions
  • Storage tanks can be damaged by korrosion
  • Availability of the aggregates is no longer guaranteed
Why Fuel Treatment?

Why Fuel Treatment?

Efficiency by adding enzymes to fuels

reguLiQ is a biological enzymes mix. The enzymes work as a catalyst. They clean all fossil and bio, fuels (gasoline, Super, Diesel, E10, etc.) and refresh these. The result is a very clean efficient burning fuel. Due to better combustion the output increase and fuel is saved. In addition, significantly less pollutants (soot, carbon, CO, NOX, CO2) are released into the environment.The enzymes clean tanks, filters, engine and exhaust systems – solves and reduce deposits – reduce wear on engine and peripheral – „neutralizes“ water molecules, rubber particles and organic bacteria (Diesel fungus) in the  fuel. The life time of fuel is increased.

reguLiQ (Enzyme-Mix)

Using special and organic enzymes to increas combustibility with less energy input for fossil fuels, is an innovative way. The enzyme supplement is the result of an alternative, organic microbiological blending of fossil fuels such as diesel, biodiesel, gasoline, heavy fuel oil (HFO) etc. The enzyme supplement leads to a reduction in fuel consumption, emissions are decreased for example in Cars, commercial vehicles and ships. The enzymes increas the fuel life time and can be used in fuel storage tanks and for vehicles with downtime. The hazardous gases like carbon monoxide CO, nitrogen oxides NOx, sulfur oxide SOx and hydrocarbons HC are significantly reduced, soot emissions are noticeably less.The enzymes supplement makes a substantial contribution to the economy and environmental protection.

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